Dr. Doraiswamy Srinivas is a Director in Venus India Asset-Finance Private Limited and the Venus India Structured Finance Fund. He is also the Deputy Chairman of Arundel.  Arundel continues to be at the forefront in developing specialist investment vehicles. Arundel acts as special adviser for funds dedicated to investment in Asia and as European advisers to highly regarded investment managers in the fields of energy and value investing in the United States.

    Arundel has advised a variety of fund managers in the establishment of internationally quoted funds. Dr. Srinivas was formerly a director of private placements and related financial advisory services at Guinness Mahon Capital Markets in London and at Swiss Bank Corporation International in New York where he had responsibility for structuring and placement of asset-backed, debt, equity and equity linked securities. Dr Srinivas attended the University of St Gallen in Switzerland and the Columbia Business School. He holds a doctorate in finance and economics.

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