Vikas focuses on all aspects of operations, compliance, and strategic planning for Venus Capital. Vikas started as a consultant at Ernst & Young, where he positioned Fortune 100 clients for successful operation in the new digital age. He later joined Fidelity, where he managed marketing for one of their capital ventures (BostonCoach) and spearheaded efforts to re-brand the company as a global entity supported by new partnerships and distribution channels. Later, he accepted a key role at Fidelity’s retirement services division and was instrumental in revamping and revitalizing their product line-up. Vikas has been with Venus since January 2007. He received his Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree from Babson College, Massachusetts in 1999 with a concentration on strategy. Vikas has a Bachelor of Arts from GND University in India and also went to the National Defence Academy for training as an officer cadet.