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Contact: Vik Mehrotra, 617-423-1901

Venus Capital nominated for HFM US Performance award for Best Emerging Markets Fund

HFM Week recently announced the 2012 nominees for its annual US Performance hedge fund awards. Venus Capital is pleased to announce that it was nominated in the category of best “Emerging Markets Fund”.

“We are very pleased to be nominated for this award. It is a testament to our ability to deliver attractive long-term risk-adjusted returns from high volatility emerging markets”, noted Vik Mehrotra, the CEO and PM of Venus Capital.

The Venus Relative Value Fund is focused on arbitrage and relative value strategies in emerging markets. Venus has been a pioneer in these strategies, which have delivered a stellar track record of over 10%, annualized returns with less than 3.50% volatility, with no down years, over their 9 1/2-year history. The fund is market neutral and uses cross country arbitrage on dual listed shares and other low-risk arbitrage strategies, like index arbitrage, in emerging markets, with focus on India.

Venus Capital was established in Boston in 1994 and regards itself as one of North America’s first India-focused hedge fund. The firm was registered with the SEC in 2000 and manages the assets of a variety of private clients, principally family offices, fund of funds, pension funds and endowments.

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