Management and Fund Managers

Vik Mehrotra, CEO >

Vikas Chawla, Chief Operating Officer >

Finance and Reporting

Vishnu Shah, Accounts Controller >

Marketing and Business Development

Natasha B.Koprivica* >

* Several personnel are outsourced from various independent companies.

Venus Capital has two fund managers and three assistant fund managers with over 40 man years of combined experience in investing globally with focus on emerging markets. They are assisted by several research analysts and traders who together have over 150 man years of market experience. The operations and administrative team of more than 15 people is there to support the fund managers, analysts and traders. The entire organization prides itself in being professional and entrepreneurial with emphasis on investor service and returns. The personnel are trained in team work, while taking individual responsibilities on tasks assigned to them. These are the qualities that help us generate wealth for investors, one at a time, through the use of technology, capital and labor. We are forever grateful to our investors, who have trusted us with their wealth and never take them for granted.

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